WIP, NPR Lighting Shader

Here are the first results from my NPR Lighting Sahder.

It works with Arnold, with Autodesk Maya. It should work with 3DSMax, but the light rig would be much more difficult to do.

It is intend to be used for this year student's projects. It renders a NPR lighting, with colored non-realistic Rim Light, color shadows from the Main Light, some kind of AO, and some other features...


Substance Designer student works

It's near the end of the term of Shading Teaching, and here are the first results !

This year was very exciting, with a lot of new things ! The most important was the introduction of Substance Designer in shading session.

But the real best thing about this year was to work with wonderful students, doing such incredible shading, textures and materials !

One of them really revealed himself with Substance Designer : Ludovic Petiot.

Here his Artstation... And here is his reel :

Demoreel - Ludovic Petiot - 2018 from Ludovic Petiot on Vimeo.

Enjoy !


Happy New Year 2018

Just in time, Happy New Year to all of you !

I wish you an excellent an intense shading year !

Here is aone of the first picture rendered with PATATRAC ( PATh A TRACe), an OSL educational Path Tracer, with Russian roulette, MIS, Next Event Estimation... And, total freedom about shading !!!

This path tracer is the little borther of RIRE, a previous educational project.

Actual PATATRAC was made in less than 15 hours, mostly in real time, with students, during teaching. Next courses will help PATATRAC to be faster, with more functionnalities, and with a lot of experimental features !